Why DISC Profiles Australia?

Why choose DISC Profiles Australia?

As a professional psychometric publisher, we’re not fond of sales nonsense. We are happy though to point out some factual information, as opposed to misleading marketing hype. It is indisputable that no other company offers all this:

Our assessments are the world’s most advanced. With anything less, you get less results and restrictions on use in some work environments.

7 Factual Advantages to Consider about DISC ADVANCED® Assessments

  1. Customised Assessments
    Using our assessment as a template we can fully customise an assessment for you. You can add your own logo, edit text, add graphics, delete pages, add pages, change theme colours, reposition pages or items. The benefits are obvious – your very own assessment exclusive to you and with the information you want and none that you don’t want.
  2. 103 Languages Available
    Enabling a respondent to answer the questionnaire in their native language results in a far more accurate assessment, as understanding the questions and word meaning is assured. Many Australians whose native language is not English, can speak English fluently but can’t read English well. Most other assessment questionnaires are available only in English or perhaps just a few other languages.
  3. More Style Combinations Identified
    Our assessments go much further than traditional DISC by identifying more styles. First of all, 44 base DISC styles are identified – most other DISC assessments give you between 4 and 16. Further, we then also identify Interrelated DISC Relationships. This provides a significantly more comprehensive understanding of someone’s complete behavioural style and is a dramatic improvement that provides a much deeper understanding of human behaviour.
  4. Backwards Compatibility
    If you’re trained in DISC ADVANCED® and at some time you need to interpret a less advanced DISC assessment, you will be able to utilise the basic DISC assessment. The reverse of course, is not true.
  5. Reliability of Results
    DISC ADVANCED® is difficult to cheat.  There are mechanisms in the system that indicate unreliable results.  Assessments can be (and often are) answered by the respondent in the way they believe the employer would like them to answer.
  6. Action Plans
    All our assessments include extensive Action Plans so you get real results. More than just a report – they are a complete project within a report.
  7. Designed for the Workplace
    Unlike other “personality tests”, our assessments were designed for the workplace from the ground up.  The assessment measures both the subconscious “real self” and the conscious behavioural styles. This permits evaluation of the impact of the work environment and potential job pressures on the person.

7 Factual Advantages to Consider about dealing with DISC Profiles Australia

  1. We are the ONLY Australian owned DISC publisher – other providers are agents for overseas publishers. When you deal with DISC Profiles Australia Pty Ltd you are dealing direct with the home of DISC Profile® and DISC ADVANCED®.
  2. We build you a customised platform – free. All the “touch points” of the assessment experience are customised to include your logo. So, not only are our assessments fully customisable but when your people do the assessment, your branding appears throughout the online platform we build for you.
  3. We are a “full-time” specialist psychometric provider – others are training businesses also acting as an agent for an overseas supplier and they include psychometric services part-time amongst their other various services. If you are a consultant, coach, in a training business or plan to sell your DISC services, these other training businesses who are merely agents, are in fact your competition!
  4. We are a true wholesaler. We own and publish the assessments and provide accreditation training – that is our only business. We don’t compete with our clients by doing DISC based projects with end users – when we receive an enquiry from an organisation wanting a DISC based project, we refer this to our clients who are accredited by us.
  5. Ongoing support by a full time subject matter specialist is free – forever.
  6. All resources and future resource updates are free – forever. Other providers charge hundreds or thousands of dollars for resources.
  7. Accreditation training is facilitated by a subject matter specialist, not a generalist trainer.