Paper Based Profile

Paper Based Profile

The DISC paper based Profile is a booklet containing a self-scoring behavioural assessment. Full interpretation of the results are incorporated in the booklet. Assessment results provide feedback on:

  • Basic Style Characteristics
  • Primary Strengths
  • Needs for Increased Effectiveness
  • Work Style Characteristics
  • Ideal Job Culture
  • Wants for Long-Term Motivation
  • Communication Do’s & Don’ts for Others
  • Continuous Improvement Homework

The Paper Based Profile is not as detailed or specific as the online version of DISC Profile® and is typically used when access to a computer is a problem or when a more general assessment is deemed adequate.

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DISC Profile® Assessments

Standard Profile

Trusted by organisations such as Australia Post, Dodo, UNSW, Fire & Rescue NSW, Datacom, Royal Flying Doctor Service and many more.

Leadership Profile

The goal of the DISC Profile® Leadership Assessment is to help you create personal chemistry and productive relationships.

Sales Profile

Interested in improving sales results? Take the DISC Profile® Sales Assessment, so you can practice the proven techniques described within the report.

Paper Based Profile

A self-scoring behavioural assessment, not as detailed or specific as the online version of DISC Profile®. Typically used when a more general assessment is deemed adequate.

Team Profile

The Team Report assists you to better understand and develop how well your team functions and performs. It provides an overview of the different behavioural styles within the team.

Pair Profile

The Pair Profile Report assists two people to better understand each other and develop how they interact with each other. It demonstrates how similar or different they are.