What is the difference between DISC Profile® & DISC ADVANCED®?

Do I need to be accredited?

Accreditation is mandatory to access the world’s foremost assessments and DISC ADVANCED® is no exception. Like other leading assessments, accreditation is required before you can access DISC ADVANCED® assessments.

We also publish DISC Profile® assessments. If you are already accredited in another assessment, are a psychologist, or are experienced with DISC and feel confident about achieving your required outcomes, you may access DISC Profile® assessments without accreditation. Contact us to access these assessments.

I am a psychologist. Do I still need to be accredited?

We have trained & accredited many psychologists in DISC ADVANCED® including Professors of Psychology who teach at universities. Anyone, regardless of qualifications must be accredited to access DISC ADVANCED® assessments. Without accreditation training you would be unable to interpret the advanced features of DISC ADVANCED® so you would be better off with DISC Profile® assessments.

Can I have copies of sample assessments?

Yes, we are happy to email you copies of assessments. Please contact us to request the assessments you would like to see.

Do I need to purchase facilitation kits or materials?

Absolutely not. A materials kit is included with accreditation. It’s true that other psychometric providers charge for resources and this often amounts to many thousands of dollars.  Sadly, because of the cost of these resources although they are necessary to do a great job, they are often not purchased due to the unexpected cost. This often results in the consultant delivering results below their ability. Our goal is to have the very best trained and equipped consultants because we see the people we train as a reflection of our brand. We therefore give you all the resources you need at no charge – everything from the manuals through to a USB flash drive loaded with resources including PowerPoint presentations for you to conduct your workshops. When these are updated all accredited consultants receive the update free of charge – forever.

Why is DISC Profiles Australia accreditation better?

We don’t want to brag or give you unsubstantiated opinions so rather, just a few facts to consider.

  1.  Ours is a dual accreditation. You are accredited in both DISC Profile® and DISC ADVANCED®. You have access to both assessment platforms.
  1. All resources are provided so you can be your best – hard copy manuals, workshop exercises & handouts; 8GB USB drive loaded with materials. We provide everything you need – right down to a laser pointer. Updated resources are provided free for a lifetime!
  1. You’ll be a World’s Best Accredited Practitioner. All the time you are paying for is spent on our focus of making you amongst the very best DISC Consultants in the World. Just some of the differences:
    • We’ve taken out all the psycho babble and history lesson so we can better utilise the time for interpretation including some advanced processes and very importantly, achieving outcomes – Real World Process. We are happy to provide you with as much information on the history of DISC etc as you’d like – this is actually commonly known by many people and easily found on the web anyway. While some people find the history of interest, the fact is you will never refer to this information when conducting a DISC based project – it’s not relevant to achieving an outcome for the people whose assessment you are interpreting.
    • Due to our brilliant, easy to understand web platform and our renowned superior ongoing support, we don’t need to spend time training you on using a complex system just so you can get assessments.
    • As we don’t sell facilitator kits (we provide them free), we don’t spend time giving you a sales pitch on these – we provide all the resources as part of your accreditation. As one of our clients put it, “This is great. With others you always have your hand in your pocket buying something just so you can do your job”. Or as another put it, “The Aussie approach is very different to the American approach, which is to reel ‘em in and sell, sell, sell to them.”
    • All in all, more time for interpreting results, case studies and learning how to achieve real outcomes.

Why should I deal with DISC Profiles Australia?

As a professional psychometric company, we don’t find it easy to “sell” ourselves. We prefer to have people in our team who are committed to the field of psychometrics, and as such, we are the only psychometric company in Australia that doesn’t employ Salespeople or Business Development Managers. We are happy though to point out some factual information as opposed to sales pitches or opinions.  It is indisputable that no other company offers all that we do. Our assessments are the World’s most advanced. With anything less, you get less results and restrictions on use in some work environments. For a bullet point summary, please Click Here.

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