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Why DISC Profiles Australia Stands Out From the Rest…

Comprehensive training, very effective, well-paced, excellent resource materials, incredibly encouraging environment in which to learn – excellent! I appreciated the intelligent balance between supplying theory, information about the instrument and tips on how to conduct an effective DISC workshop. I have attended a ‘lifetime’ of courses and training seminars, and this would be one of the best. I could not wait to get back to work and start using the profiles to enhance my colleagues’ work experience and productivity.
Dr Kate Bertram
School Principal
The virtual classroom was very effective. Excellent course; well delivered and very satisfied with the training. I think it is pitched at the right level and I enjoyed the learning environment. Thanks in particular for the excellent facilitation of the course. The supplied resources provide a wealth of information, which is very much appreciated and great to be able to refer to. Happy to refer others to this virtual course. Many thanks for all the support – big fan!
Kelly Dunne
Health Workforce, Capability & Training
I have done DISC training before but I found this training to be far more sophisticated.
Victoria Smith
Scientific Affairs Associate
I’ve been through many of these types of assessments and DISC ADVANCED® is the best by far.
Steven Drummy
Chief Financial Officer
DISC ADVANCED® has a very crucial application to our business in driving a high performance culture.
Peter Harink
Head of Sales Australia
The virtual training experience was great! Very satisfied! The learning process and training methodology was stress free, well-paced and easy to stay abreast. The online classes were of great duration and I was very happy with the way it was delivered. The resources supplied are of great assistance. I highly recommend this course – much easier and yet more in-depth than previous DISC systems I have been exposed to.
Vicki King
Recently I became accredited in DISC ADVANCED®, where I met Greg, and cannot speak highly enough about his passion, enthusiasm and knowledge about DISC ADVANCED®, but also his fantastic support to me, my business and my clients. I have just rolled out a challenging and interesting DISC ADVANCED® workshop, I got thank you emails from the clients after the workshop, and Greg’s support made this possible. Thanks Greg. I highly recommend Greg and DISC ADVANCED®.
Andrea Corcoran
Professional Coach
Many thanks for your coaching and assistance in preparing to conduct the DISC Workshop in the Gold Coast. Your notes and slides made the process easy to follow. The response to the reports and the learning was very positive, with high interest, great questions and a huge shift in understanding and lots of ahah moments. The team members appreciated the quality of the reports and could not believe how accurate they are in relation to their preferences and situations. I enjoyed facilitating and benefited very much from your support. Thanks once again, regards”………& later……. “DISC ADVANCED® has helped me to achieve much more benefits to our business, by strengthening and improving relationships, as well as maximising people’s strengths.
David Langdon
Manager; Leadership & HR Strategy
The virtual learning process was very effective. A very accommodating facilitator who is also methodical. The materials were easy to understand and to work through and the facilitator did a great job of walking the group through the assessments etc., inviting questions and comments throughout each session. The sessions were well paced – at no time did I feel bored or that we were going too slowly, nor did it feel rushed. I also appreciated the way the facilitator answered or commented on every comment or question that the group had. Excellent printed materials provided and beautifully presented. The consultant materials provided on the USB are also fantastic.
Faith Mantzounis
Consultant & Facilitator
An excellent facilitator who is able to cater to the various learning styles in the group. His experience and knowledge is exemplary and he manages to impart information in a collaborative, inclusive manner. I found the learning process very appropriate. We were not overloaded with information and the opportunities for discussion were well-balanced with the use of case studies and examples. The resources are clear and attractively presented. It was a refreshing change not to be inundated with power point slides. Often these presentations are tiring and lead to disengagement of the group. The approach ensured everyone was engaged, interested and involved in the training.
Alana Killen
Chief Executive Officer
The accreditation course experience was great – small intimate group – nice venue, great food and well located. The learning process was very comprehensive – we covered a lot in 2 days – going back to it recently I am surprised at what I retained. Love the resources. I can see that DISC ADVANCED® could very well become a new language in this organisation – I have completed my first debrief with a team member requiring guidance in career planning and was excited by the outcomes that came from the conversation driven by the DISC ADVANCED® report.
Melanie Fisher
Organisational Development Coordinator
The online virtual training process was very easy to navigate and the ‘Rules’ were administered early, so there were no grey areas. Very satisfied with the trainer’s knowledge and applications of the system. The trainer would not proceed with training until the group was satisfied with the outcomes of the questions. There was plenty of influence across the different learning styles, which made it very enjoyable to observe and learn from. Loved the process from start to finish, found the language and follow-up very informed. The supplied resources are excellent and well presented. Very impressed.
Jade Stephens
Health, Safety, Environment, & Quality Manager
I was very happy with the accreditation training experience. The facilitator’s guidance, group participation and reference slides was a great methodology for learning – very effective. Loved having the hard copy manuals to read and write in over the two days and the USB flash drive has made it very simple and a good reference tool. Thoroughly enjoyed the course and the facilitator’s real life experiences he shared with us. Such a practical tool that can be applied to alleviate a vast array of day to day business pressures.Thanks so much for your ongoing support – you’re amazing.
Katrina Stephenson
I found it extremely useful. A couple of points about my traits have helped me when dealing with some people. The facilitator was able to make the necessary points, while providing some good examples when required. I certainly feel that I got some really positive points out of DISC ADVANCED® and would recommend it.
Paul Conran
Operational Support Manager
I was extremely satisfied by the accreditation training. What a powerful tool DISC ADVANCED® can be if used in the right way. The training was well facilitated and the time simply flew – so much valuable information. The learning process was spot on. The reference to real life stories was very helpful and there was a nice balance between this and the core material. The supplied resources are top of the line – couldn’t have asked for better.
Tracey Birch
Human Resource Consultant
Thanks again for the training. It was very well done. I believe this is an extremely valuable tool for helping people.
Brad Golledge
Managing Director
I can’t believe you got that much information from the questionnaire and how accurate it is!
Tim Greig
I.T. Manager
I would recommend DISC ADVANCED®, very strongly, to any organisation keen to increase performance and morale.
Simon Cartwright
Managing Director
I found the accreditation facilitator to be a very natural, confident and knowledgeable facilitator. His personal style and experience was a real boon for the group"...... & later...... "Thank you, you’re absolutely true to your words – I’m being overwhelmed by your service!
Sarab Singh
Managing Director
Thanks for your time and effort over here. It was well worth it and we both feel we have a much better understanding now and can really help our staff. I certainly appreciate the help you have given Richard and I to deepen our knowledge of the tool. We are certainly even more committed since working with you and almost daily come up with new ways in which we can look to DISC ADVANCED® to point us in the right direction on sensitive people issues. It’s great.
Steve Barton
Manager Organisational Development
I thoroughly enjoyed the accreditation training. A welcoming and relaxed environment, it was wonderful to have a small group as this allowed us all to contribute wholeheartedly to the learning. I very much appreciate all the resources supplied. The facilitator provided an engaging and interactive forum while sharing his vast experience in this field. He also encouraged discussion so that we had the opportunity to share views and best practice. I’m really excited about DISC ADVANCED® and fully advocate the benefits and value to any individual and business.
Marina Palmieri
Training Manager
The DISC ADVANCED® accreditation training program was excellent – achieving the balance of being well structured and focused whilst still being flexible and friendly. The facilitator is very informed and personable, with a clear ability to read how his audience is processing the information he is communicating and adjust accordingly. This made the learning process highly effective. DISC ADVANCED® are clearly focused on providing their certified consultants and facilitators with all the resources they need. The resources are neatly codified and presented. I will absolutely refer others to this course.
Joshua Wallace
Managing Director
I was very satisfied with the accreditation training experience – it went well above and beyond my expectations. The pace was perfect for memory retention. The powerpoint slides were great, not overloaded with information and the stories were entertaining and useful! The supplied resources are great. Thank you for a life changing experience.
Linda Brasacchio
Training Consultant
The accreditation training was great, highly interactive with good interaction within the group and the facilitator. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was a small group, the training was relaxed, informative and instructional. The hard copy resources provided during the training are great. These and the additional material on the USB are fantastic and provide everything needed to get started. I don’t think there is anything that needs changing. Everyone understood the agenda, training ran on time and nothing was overly rushed.
Jeff Lynch
Independent Consultant
I thought the accreditation training was very good. It was interesting, a very good facilitator and gave a clear insight into facilitating DISC based workshops, assessments and the benefits and pit falls of DISC. The facilitator is very experienced in DISC and this was evident in how he presented the program. I felt the examples were a valuable training method. Using the various examples of different DISC styles and the facilitator’s experience in assessments over an extended period added value to the training.
Cheryl Harbrow
Change Coordinator
I really enjoyed the accreditation course. It was very informative. The examples used brought the information to life in a business context. The course was interactive and engaging. DISC ADVANCED® will prove to be a very useful tool for me in many and varied applications. I think it was a good investment for our company. The provided resources are great! They will be useful resources to refer to. The information on the flash drive provided will also help me to deliver information in a way that is both informative and professional. I can’t think of any improvements to make in the course. I thought it was great.
Jasmine Magro
Human Resources Manager
The facilitator’s level of knowledge and workplace experience makes the accreditation course an interactive and meaningful exercise. The tool itself is easy to use and understand and therefore provides opportunities at a number of levels for the consultant or internal manager.
Ken Huxley
The process was extremely useful in that it allowed me to identify my personal style and also identify the styles of the many others that I have contact with. The facilitator was very helpful in assisting me through the process, and giving me food for thought on areas of my professional life that can be improved. The process has allowed me to understand the reasons why I have difficulty dealing with some others, whose profiles are very different to mine. This in turn has allowed me to change the way that I approach these people.
Lynne Shelton
Training & Development Manager
I really enjoyed the training and got a lot out of it. I find I am now always trying to identify styles with nearly everyone I deal with, but the big plus is that it is helping me help people in teams to understand each other’s styles.
Sue Thomas
Organisational Development Manager
With DISC ADVANCED® I now better understand how to manage to get the best performance from my team.
Greg Edwards
Regional Sales Manager
Thanks for a fantastic 2 days. It is evident you have a passion and deep breadth of knowledge in relation to behaviour profiling and in particular DISC ADVANCED®. The resources provided on the USB are very comprehensive and I would definitely recommend DISC ADVANCED® if you are contemplating accreditation in DISC!
Jane Taylor
The 2 days were exceptionally well run, very organised, meaningful and professional. Excellent facilitator, the hard copy resources are excellent and how cool is that USB! Next level!
Anna Pullman
The training experience was first rate. The supplied resources are exceptional - high quality and comprehensive. In my opinion, there are no improvements you could make to this course.
Con Lambros
General Manager, Human Resources
I found the training experience very engaging, supportive and well worth the investment. Resources supplied are outstanding, especially the USB and workshop templates. Outstanding facilitator with great experience. Loved the narrative about experiences in the live environment. This course was highly informative and the DISC model could not be used effectively without it.
Michelle Black
The accreditation training was excellent. Very thorough. This will add a great deal of practical value to our team based on quantitative feedback. The methodology provides a neutral level playing field for any team to systematically identify organisational behaviours that build high performing individuals and teams.
Jacqueline Negline-Smyth
HR Manager
I loved the accreditation training. Enjoyed every aspect – training style, interaction, content and your expertise .. it’s very clear you know your subject very, very well. A lot of information but plenty of time was allowed for content to sink in. Much patience was shown for questions etc. with explanations very clear and concise. The course has renewed my passion to take this to the world. Brilliant and professional resources supplied.
Edita Jaram
The accreditation course exceeded my expectations. I will highly recommend as a matter of course. Clearly well practiced 2 day training, timing and process were perfect, plenty of time to drill down for clearer understanding. Cannot fault the resources, both paper and flash drive in funky pen laser pointer, all very good and showcases DISC well. No improvements needed.
Rob Thomson
Extremely satisfied with the accreditation course. I have participated in DISC 5 or 6 times as an athlete, coach and corporate and DISC ADVANCED® is so much better. All resources are excellent and they are a big assistance. I highly recommend this course - content and presenter outstanding!
Todd Louden
Thanks again for the in-house course, everyone really enjoyed the training and can see so much value in it. Fantastic resources – well organised and very useful for the learning process and for future reference. Having access to the service centre and the course facilitator to discuss things when they pop up is very valuable.
Alyssa Greenstreet
Learning & Development Advisor
With over 20 years' experience, the DISC ADVANCED® profiling is the best that I have seen.
Victoria Harb
HR Manager, Pacific Region
DISC ADVANCED® is easy to follow, highly effective and applicable to all workplace development initiatives.
Ben Winduss
Manager, Talent Management
I thoroughly enjoyed the whole course content. DISC ADVANCED® is amazing and I really enjoyed learning to understand how it works. There was certainly a lot to learn but because all the information was provided in designated sections it didn’t feel too daunting or overwhelming. The learning process was highly effective for the reasons I provided above and also because there wasn’t one question asked that was left unanswered. As for the supplied resources – Wow! I couldn’t believe all the useful information and tools I brought away with me. Thank you so much.
Dianne Collie
Human Resources Manager
I can’t think of any improvements to make in the accreditation course. The learning process and training methodology is highly effective. Due to the style and quality of the presentation, I will recommend this course to others.
Adam Taylor
Training & Development Manager
The accreditation course was great and the format was perfect. The size of the group perfect and I could have listened to the facilitator a whole lot more. 11 out of 10. The content of the course was exactly what I was after and I now feel confident using DISC in my workplace and see all the benefits it will bring to our teams. The supplied resources are very useful. I don’t really think there would be much improvement to make. It was fantastic! Anyone attending will walk out very satisfied.
Julie Baud
HR Business Partner
Thanks for your advice. I am truly impressed. All has worked out wonderfully and your flexibility is a credit to you all. All were impressed with their reports and found them extremely useful.
Dr Stewart Hase
Psychologist, Adjunct Professor
DISC ADVANCED® is far superior to the DISC we have been using. The accreditation course exceeded my expectations – best training I have had in this role.
Tammy McCartney
Education Officer
After implementing DISC ADVANCED®, sales increased 30% and staff retention is 100% after 18 months (having had 100% staff turnover the previous 12 months!). Everyone should be using DISC ADVANCED®.
Tim Roberts
Managing Director
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