Sales Assessment

DISC ADVANCED® Sales Assessment

There is no single effective selling style and the best salespeople understand this.

Regardless of how good someone’s sales record is, it will significantly improve if they know how to sell to different types of people.

The fact is that many highly-regarded salespeople miss a lot of sales because they always sell the same way with the same methods and frankly, this isn’t always effective.

Often a sales approach that succeeds with one person will fail with the very next prospect. People ignore this believing that this is normal and “that’s just how it goes”. It doesn’t have to be! If you know how to adapt to different buying styles you can significantly improve sales results and make the sales process faster.

Helping to understand what motivates people to buy and identifying options for effectively selling to different styles, the DISC ADVANCED® Sales Assessment teaches powerful skills that assist people in becoming more successful salespeople.

“After implementing DISC ADVANCED®, sales increased 30%. Everyone should be using DISC ADVANCED®!”
Tim Roberts, Managing Director

The DISC ADVANCED® Sales Assessment provides all the information in the DISC ADVANCED® Individual Assessment plus a large array of effective sales techniques including:

  • Building rapport during initial contact
  • Maintaining rapport in the exploring stage
  • Maintaining rapport in the collaborating stage
  • Maintaining rapport in the confirming stage
  • Maintaining rapport in the assuring stage
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The DISC ADVANCED® Assessments

Individual Assessment

The World’s most advanced assessment designed specifically for the workplace. A useful tool not only for the individual him/herself, but for everyone communicating with that person.

Leadership Assessment

The ultimate assessment for leaders. The DISC ADVANCED® Leadership Assessment provides all the information in the Individual Assessment plus effective leadership techniques.

Sales Assessment

The best assessment for salespeople. The DISC ADVANCED® Sales Assessment provides all the information in the Individual Assessment plus techniques to increase sales.

Pair Assessment

Identifies how 2 individuals complement one another and where the gaps exist & highlighting what the individuals should remember, accept & practice when working together.

Team Assessment

Shows the team dynamics, the strengths and development areas of the team, and how the team members are adjusting their behaviours in the existing work environment.

Customised Assessments

We can fully customise an assessment specific to your requirements. Your very own assessment exclusive to you and with the information you want and none that you don’t want.